About Us

With a heritage stretching back more than 25 years The Specialist Wood Flooring Company – Drummonds – is constantly evolving to keep up with our customers’ desire for high quality flooring. And with the opening of our new showroom in Hindhead, Surrey we are changing our name to Kirkpatricks Company.

Originally Drummonds/Kirkpatricks Company had supplied reclaimed oak and pine flooring, primarily to match into period properties. But starting in 2015 the company now also offers a variety of new timber flooring prepared especially to show off the outstanding beauty of these most valuable of natural resources. Our stocks includes ash, cedar, yew, walnut and oak, as well as reclaimed C18th and C19th oaks.

Drummonds/Kirkpatricks prepares all flooring in its own workshops in West Sussex. Every floor is skilfully prepared by hand using the best old fashioned saws and sanding machines. As a bespoke supplier Drummonds/Kirkpatricks has always aimed to provide floors that are unique and by using traditional methods we provide wood floors ripe with natural character and most especially avoiding the artificial uniformity of factory manufactured flooring.

In addition to flooring Drummonds/Kirkpatricks also supplies high quality brass door furniture. Designs are based on timeless classics and all pieces are also made by hand using the traditional lost wax process.

To view samples of both our wood flooring and brass door furniture we welcome you to visit our showroom at Drummonds Flooring/to be rebranded Kirkpatricks Company, 78 Royal Hospital Road, LondonSW3 4HN.


Drummonds Flooring & Drummonds Door Furniture have now become The Kirkpatricks Company

The Kirkpatricks Company