Terms & Conditions


The ʻSellerʼ means Drummonds Architectural Designs Limited.

The ‘Buyer’ means the person, or company, whose order for Goods is accepted by the Seller.

‘Goods’ means products or services supplied by the Seller.

Payment Terms:

For architectural Goods the Buyer is required to pay a 50% deposit with the order and the balance is payable prior to delivery or collection of the products. The Seller, in certain circumstances, may agree credit terms with full settlement within 30 days from the invoice date.

For flooring Goods and installation services the Buyer is required to pay a 50% deposit with the order, a further 40% prior to commencement of installation on site and the balance of 10% seven days after completion of works on site.


The Seller is responsible for loss, or damage, to Goods until delivered or collected. Delivery costs will be quoted on the order and cover delivery to the Buyersʼ ground floor entrance. Delivery dates/times are given in good faith. The Seller will not accept responsibility for any loss, expense or other consequence of failure to meet any delivery date/time.

Returns, Shortages or Damaged Goods:

Any shortage, or damaged Goods, in a delivery must be notified to the Seller, in writing, within three days of the receipt of the Goods. No Goods can be returned to the Seller without prior agreement obtained from the Seller. The Seller will, at his sole discretion, replace or repair the Goods or refund the value of the Goods.

Goods returned ʻno longer requiredʼ or ʻordered in errorʼ will be accepted by the Seller, at his sole discretion, and only if in ʻas suppliedʼ condition. A 20% restocking charge of the invoice value will be charged for Goods accepted by the Seller as returned within 30 days from the delivery date.

Goods returned after 30 days from delivery will be on a negotiated basis only and subject to a minimum 50% restocking charge. Specially ordered Goods will not be accepted for return. Once ordered, such Goods cannot be returned.


Unless otherwise stated in writing, all Goods are supplied sold as seen without guarantee. In circumstances where a guarantee is stated in writing the guarantee provides coverage for repair or replacement product. Any expenses incurred for labour, or other expenses, are not covered by the guarantee.

Ownership and Retention of Title:

Equitable and beneficial ownership of any Goods supplied will remain with the Seller, until the Buyer pays all monies outstanding in full, although risk passes to the Buyer upon delivery of the Goods. The Buyer will undertake to properly store and insure the Goods, and have them identified as the Sellersʼ property, until such time as payment in full is made.

Drummonds Flooring & Drummonds Door Furniture have now become The Kirkpatricks Company

The Kirkpatricks Company