Parquet de Versailles reclaimed Oak Panels

Drummonds’/Kirkpatricks Parquet de Versailles panels are made in our own workshops and are available in two sizes; 750mm square and 980mm square both being 26mm thick.

Starting with either our reclaimed 18th Century Oak floorboards or Oak floorboards from the 19th Century range, we mould each piece with tongue and groove joints to make up each panel by hand. This follows traditional techniques; the tongue and groove joints interlock giving each panel strength and stability. Furthermore, this tongue and groove jointing allows for slight movement when installed over underfloor heating.

All work is carried out using hand held machines and tools to accomplish the authentic uneven appearance traditionally associated with this style of floor, however panels can also be sanded flat for a more elegant effect.

When being installed the panels are joined with custom border fillets that are also grooved and installed with biscuits, this ensures the panels blend together evenly and remain in place for generations. Timber from the same batch of wood is used for the surrounding border to compliment the Parquet panels.

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